Information Destruction

Document Shredding

Info Dog Security offers two types of document shredding services, route shredding and document purges.

Route Shredding Service

2, 4, 8 or 12 week rotation

Our Route Shredding service is an on-going that is scheduled to your needs, every week, every other week or every four weeks. With this service we provide secure shredding consoles at no cost. Your employees simply deposit their every-day confidential documents into the our security containers, then on your scheduled service day we will pick up the contents of our security containers and shred everything for you on our on-site shredding truck.

A Certification of Destruction will be issues confirming all documents were destroyed on-site each time we shred.

Route shredding service customers also receive discounts on bulk document purges, hard drive destruction and e-waste removal services.

Document Purges

If you have a couple of boxes or a warehouse full of documents to destroy the Info Dog Security truck and team will come to your location to assist with your clean-up. Your materials will be dumped into our large shredding consoles and will then be lifted into the truck and destroyed immediately on-site. We offer discount purge prices on large jobs. A Certification of Destruction will be issues confirming all documents were destroyed on-site each time we shred.

Our Document Shredding Process

Info Dog Security provides the most secure shredding process available because we shred all your confidential documents on-site at your location. Our process is so secure that Info Dog Security has been awarded the Highest Rating “AAA Certified” by the National Association for Information Destruction (NAID).

Here is how our on-site document shredding process works

Our team will visit your business for a free security consultation offering the right choices for shredding consoles, where to place shredding consoles and answer any questions you may have.

Within a few days we will deliver your shredding consoles, review instructions and your customized route schedule and the keys to the consoles.

On your scheduled pickup day one of our uniformed drivers will arrive at your facility and pick up all the confidential documents that your employees have discarded. If this is a one-time bulk shred, our driver will pick up all your boxes of confidential documents. Otherwise he/she will empty your security containers and bring them directly to our shredding truck. The hydraulic lift on the truck and then raises the container and empties everything into our cross-shredder, where they are securely destroyed.

Your shredded materials then head back to our warehouse on the truck and are then baled and shipped to paper mill for recycling. You receive a Certification of Destruction confirming all documents were destroyed on-site.