Document Destruction Instructions

Document Destruction Instructions

No need to sort and get rid of paper clips, staples, rubber bands or folders as the shredding truck will easily shred these items. We ask all documents be dry. Wet or damp documents will clog up the blades in the shredding truck.

IDS will not shred or keep cardboard boxes. If customers have documents in cardboard boxes the IDS driver will dump those into the shredding containers and leave the boxes.

If route customers are going to have extra boxes to purge on route day please notify us if there are going to me more than 5 boxes. We can't overload our truck and have to watch the weigh carefully to follow Iowa DOT regulations. Same applies for e-waste. We can store minimum amount in the IDS truck and if you are going to have more than one or two electronic items to pick up please give us a call or email.

Always double-check to make certain important doucments are not in your shredding container as once it's shredded they are gone forever.

Route customer containers come with key and lock. If you lose your key or lock or the container gets damaged please call and an IDS team member will either send you a new lock and key or replace the container.

IDS truck will shred all documents on site. You can watch via the tv camera on the side of the truck to ensure your documents are destroyed.